my name is Stefan Wendler. I work as software developer (my degree is Master of Computer Science) for a large international German company in the field of eMoblity (charging stations for electric vehicles) and the Internet of things.

Currently I work a lot with ARM Cortex A8 based systems, tailoring Linux kernels and boot loaders for this systems, as well as implementing the OS build process (based on bitbake) for those machines. Although I write a lot of code close to the hardware, I am not an hardware developer. Playing around with electronics and hardware is only my hobby so far :-).

The reason why I put up this page is, that I learned a lot of stuff about electronics and programming from the Internet, and I like to give back and share some of my experiences while trying to get deeper into all kinds of stuff.

I hope you find this pages helpful, but the instructions and examples posted there come WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!

A well, and one last important point: I almost exclusively use Linux (at work and at home). So everything described on this pages in wolfing the usage of a computer is based on Linux! Questions are very welcome, but I will not (because I can not) answer questions like “does this work on Windows too?”, “how do I this and that you described for Linux on my Windows box?” …

Thank you for visiting my pages,

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