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Linux Kernel Module Examples (on the Pi)

I uploaded the Kernel module examples I wrote some time ago to git. The project is setup in a way, that it will build the modules for the Pi as a target, but they should run on different platforms as well (if compiled the right way). The following examples are included: kmod-basic: Most basic Kernel […]

Scratch Remote Sensor API

Pynetsense is a Python library that provides a simple to use API for implementing Scratch networking sensor clients. For communicating with Scratch, the remote sensor protocol is used. Beside providing a simple API to manage messages and variables, a wrapper framework is provided. The wrapper framework helps with implementing sensor clients that run in the […]

Propeller-Installer Project of the Week at Parallax

My little installer script for helping setting up a Propeller Tool-chain on Linux/ARM, also mentioned on hackaday last month, was chosen for “project of the week” from Parallax (the makers of the Propeller).

pyscmpd Running on the Pi

Gave “pyscmp” a first try on the Pi, works so far (some minor issues regarding dbus and jack-audio).

pyscmpd Making Some Progress

It seems to get usable (somehow). “pyscmpd” is now able to do basic play-list handling and playing. Both, “ncmpcpp” and “sonata” are able to browse the tracks of a predefined set of soundcloud users, add the tracks to a play-list and play them. Also the elapsed song time is transmitted to the clients, as well […]

pyscmpd started

Since I do have so many projects running currently I decided it would not hurt to start an other one. It is a Python based soundcloud music server talking the MPD protocol. Thus, pyscmpd allows (not yet, but maybe in future), to serve music from soundcloud to any MPD client out there. Currently I am […]