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Embedded World 2012 Nürnberg

Well may day started early tody, since I was about to visit Embedded World 2012 in Nürnberg. I choose to take the train from Stuttgart to Nürnberg, which was, well, yah, at least an interesting experience. The train was a so called regional train, which means basically, the Deutsche Bahn uses the oldest wagons for […]

“Real” Electric Car

First “real” electric car is this Datsun called “white zombi” :-). The Tesla (and some other) are a joke compared to this car (really, watch the videos if you don’t believe it).

Crazy Music Making Machine: GöGWheel

Tody I saw GöG performing on his “GöGWheel” while walking down our local shopping mile. The “GöGWheel” is an absolutely crazy amazing music making machine build on a spinning wheel. With the “GöGWheel” GöG is able to play up to eleven different  tracks of music at once! See the GöGWheel on youtube